I'm fighting for you

Shelley's E-Blast from March 15, 2018

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Dear Friends,

Last Sunday morning, my first door-to-door canvass after the Conservative Leadership vote was a bit of a funny one. One woman’s comment summed up the whole experience. As we approached her house, she stepped out of her car, anxious to talk with me. “My sister called this morning from Massachusetts to ask me a question" she said, “don't you people watch American television?” We had a laugh about that comment, but she was genuinely concerned. I assured her that for me, the outcome of the Conservative leadership debacle does little to change my campaign, except that I have become more determined than ever.

Premier Wynne put it best later that afternoon. She said that our commitment as a Liberal Government is still to do everything to make Ontario not only the most prosperous province in Canada, but also the most fair and caring. Now is the time to make the changes that Kathleen is making.

When our economy is as strong as it is now, it's time for legislators to make sure that everyone can take part in that success. It is only by making sure the next generation is healthy, highly educated and has the family supports they need to enter the working world that they can each have an equal opportunity to build a prosperous lifestyle for themselves and their families.

That is why we are making changes and investing in so many areas that support this goal.

Recently, Al Gore, founder and chairman of both Generation Investment Management and the Climate Change Reality Project, made a stop in Toronto. He lauded the changes Ontario is making right now. We are a coal-free power generator, making the changes necessary to urgently reduce greenhouse gas emissions and secure our future ability to mitigate the climate crisis. Mr. Gore holds our Ontario government up as an example wherever he travels. We may have eradicated smog days, but the many extreme heat alerts each year tell us our work must continue.

I get it, people are always hungry for change, but not at the risk of undoing the positive changes we have already made. That is why I need you now more than ever. In the face of whatever changes lie ahead, I want to be there to stand up for Don Valley North. To protect and improve our hospitals, our schools, our local economy, our very way of life, I need to be your Don Valley North MPP, now more than ever.

In less than two months, the writ will drop and campaign crunch time will begin. Don Valley North Liberals are already on the street knocking on doors every day. We need funds to get the campaign office open and wired up, volunteers to man the phones and join me in a canvass or two, and we simply cannot wait until the last minute. Please take a moment to tell us how you can help by clicking on the red boxes below.

With your help we will protect the gains we have achieved in Ontario, and keep Don Valley North moving towards a better future for all of us.